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It began with a man, a hobby and some tools...

Joe became interested in air guns back when he was a kid.  When he finally found the online community of air gunners he adopted the name Muzzle Mack on the forums in tribute to the love of the sport and a nod to his father who went by Mack.

He's always had a love of creating and unable to find the parts he wanted to customize his air guns he went to work designing his own.  It wasn't long before word spread around the forums and his friends asked him if they could get a part too.

He started as small one man hobby shop with the vision of creating custom accessories not just for himself but for others that share an interest in his favorite hobby.  He produced hand crafted items in small batches to give a larger variety from such a small shop. 

For a while he had to close up shop and get a traditional job but the passion to create stayed alive and with the support of the future Mrs. Mack they decided that they really wanted to take a leap forward from something that Joe enjoyed as a hobby to something larger.  As Joe always says "See a need, fill a need and give it a K.I.S.S."

We love to hear from fellow air gunners and about their ideas.  If you have a suggestion for a part...let us know.  We give credit on the site to those who help out with the work and give us ideas. It may take a while to see it come out but if it is doable in the shop we'll see what we can do.  After all, it's all about you, the air gunners of the world.

A few of our best customizers and tuners are retiring.  We tip our hat to them for the many years of service to the air gun community.  It's time for the next generation to step up and do our best to fill their shoes.

We have partnered with Greg from Blue Fork Design and are proud to be the only place you can buy BFD parts. 

It's our pleasure to share Joe's favorite hobby with the rest of the air gun community.  

Thank you,

Joe & Carrie

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